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“Increase enrolment of children in preschool in five municipalities with special focus on Roma children”

Engagement period:

September 15 —October 30, 2015

(30 workings days)

Project Goal:

Overall objective of the project is:

To increase enrolment of children in preschool in five municipalities with special focus on Roma children

Specific Objectives of the project are:

1. To develop the necessary institutional capacities and services in selected communities of preschool teachers and decision makers to increase preschool enrolment (with the special focus on Roma children)

2. To raise awareness on the importance of preschool education

Selection Consultant’s Qualifications criteria

- University degree in social sciences or humanities

- Relevant professional experience in capacity assessments/capacity building of public institutions, agencies, civil society organizations etc.;

- Demonstrated experience in working with various levels of government in BiH

- Demonstrated experience in working with civil society organizations, international organizations in BiH etc.

- Demonstrated work experience in working on Roma inclusion issues is considered an asset;

- Excellent oral and written English language;

- Excellent presentation skill

The consultant's application

Consultant's application should consist detailed information concerning past experience in the field of consultation, particularly dealing with the as well as the list of biographical information of the conducted consultations. Consultant's CV attach as an Appendix.

Description of the Task

The External consultant will be responsible to conduct the assessment of the municipal/preschool institutions capacities for project implementation, in cooperation with Kali Sara RIC.

The expert will:

- Develop a detailed work methodology

- Conduct a desk review of existing documentation related to Roma Inclusion in BiH and preschool education

- Consult results of previous baseline studies/reports that will be made available to the consultant prior to the commencement of the assessment

- Provide a description of the existing municipal/preschool institutions capacities (history, legal status, funding mandate, general management, reporting, oversight structures, legal framework)

- Analyze the technical municipal/preschool institutions capacities (available financial resources, IT use, software, hardware, know-how, staff, support staff, budget allocations etc.)

- Analyze in detail the available human resources municipal/preschool institutions (level of staffing, skills, experience, academic backgrounds of employees etc.)

- Analyze municipal/preschool institutions administrative and financial management capacities (procurement, contracting, HR management, internal control, audit, monitoring, evaluation)

- Analyze the municipal/preschool institutions physical capacities (facilities, infrastructure etc.)

- Analyze the municipal/preschool institutions experience with project implementation (if any)

- Analyze the municipal/preschool institutions formal and informal relationships within target locations

- Identify problem areas and observed/reported risks

- Collect additional relevant documentation in the field (if available)

- Carry out consultations with Kali Sara RIC and UNICEF

- Develop a draft Report and submit for comments

- Incorporate comments and submit a Final Report

It is expected that the Report will be comprised of (but not limited to) the following general areas:

m Table of Contents

m Acronyms and abbreviations

m Executive summary

m Introduction

Purpose and objectives of the assessment

Scope of the assessment, short statement on the assessment methods used

m Findings

m Conclusions

m Recommendations

m Annexes:

- List of stakeholders consulted

- Detailed description of the assessment process and methodology: description, the methodology used (including any limitations), information sources (including any data issues), stakeholder’s participation in the assessment/consultation process.

Consultant’s Outputs

The selected external consultant will be responsible for the development of assessment of the municipal capacities for project implementation.

Expected work:

- Drafting methodology for the completion of the task

- Drafting assessment capacity report

- Consultations with Kali Sara RIC and UNICEF

- Structured interviews with relevant stakeholders in target locations

- Finalization of the assessment capacity report

Expected results:

- Designed methodology

- Drafted assessment capacity report

- Assessment of municipal capacities for project implementation conducted

Time frame to deliver report:

1. First version – 15th October

2. Final version- 30 rd October

Kali Sara Outputs

1. Agree work plan with the experts

2. Coordinate with the experts

3. Provide requested working materials to the expert

4. Provide support to the experts


The Consultants will be engaged in the period from 15 September to 30 October 2015 for maximum of 30 working days.  Payment for the work will be made in two tranches-1st tranche at the beginning of work and 2ndupon the work completion when the final version of the capacity assessment report is delivered and accepted by Kali Sara RIC with all the necessary documentation, as per Kali Sara RIC’s administrative procedures.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 14. September, 2015

CONTRACT AWARD NOTICE:  15. September, 2015

Application should be sent to email: vladimir.kalisara.ric©gmail.com

Management and Organization

The external consultant will report directly to the Project Manager.

Sanela Bešić

Executive Director

Kali Sara - Roma information center

Dolina2/3, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH

Tel/fax: +387 33 265 885

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